Princess Monster Truck

My nickname from a friend in Boston. My friend was explaining to me how she described me to her friends. I loved it. 

Although she’s the only one that uses it, I still think about it often. Each time I am reminded of it, I find new reasons it fits me. 
Check out this little lady who shares my nickname!
I wanted to see what popped up on google and it was the cutest little smush face kitty.  I’m very cat like, myself. 

  • Selectively social
  • OCD about cleanliness 
  • I love naps
  • Hate noise 
  • Hate when strangers come near me
  • I only cuddle when I’m ready 
  • Fast reflexes 
  • Entertain myself 

I continued to dig on Google because the Internet doesn’t end. I happened to find a character from one of my favorite cartoons. I had never seen the episode that she was featured in. The description of her hit me right in the heart strings. 

Princess monster wife

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