I love carbs

Ok, I know there are some people out there that avoid carbohydrates like the plague, I am not one of them.. Don’t get me wrong now though, I’m not a carb addict. I could care less about bread, pasta or rice..but what I do love is pizza, Mexican food and beer. I know you may be wondering about that beer, thinking to yourself “I thought she was sober”. I was sober, for at least two and a half years but I started again. Not my best judgement call and for a while I thought I had it “under control ” but that’s what every alcoholic thinks. ANYWAY, I’ll get back to that.  I’ve been dieting all summer to get “cut” so I simply reduced the carbs that I was consuming during the week. I’ll tell you what, my body does not like that at all!! I’ve struggled for months to keep my strength and stamina. I’ve had more bad days than good and because of some bad habits, I had minimal results. I was basically making myself miserable(because of the diet) and mentally beating myself up(because of bad habits) I couldn’t go on like that. A normal week for me was as follows: diet my ass off Monday through Friday, binge eat and drink Friday night through Sunday. If I were a less stubborn person I would’ve nipped it in the bud sooner.. But all is well in my world. I decided that I needed to get my life and priorities back on track so I chose to quit drinking and start “bulking”. I say it that way because I simply increased my caloric intake to 2-2100 calories per day. I focus only on my protein and carbs and whatever is left over I allow for some fat. As for the drinking, I’m 23 days sober !! Woop woop!

Almost immediately I felt stronger, faster and more alert. I’ve gone into the gym everyday and destroyed those weights!! I have more energy and I’m more focused. It’s quite fabulous! It’s been easier to stack to my diet and I have less cravings for bad food. In conclusion, alcohol carbs are bad, food carbs are good. Hungover lifting is bad, sober and alert lifting is good! SO SIMPLE!!

Still kinda have abs

A little more fluff to love

Chicken and rice, food of the gods!
Get shredded or die bulking

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