This crazy thing I’m calling life

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My Name is Erica, I am twenty eight years old. I have worked in veterinary hospitals for eleven years, with positions ranging from Vet tech to manager. I still love my job after all these years but I love something more now. Lifting, for the last three years it has been my life and will continue to be my life until I can no longer lift a weight.
Many years ago I suffered from substance abuse, my drug was alcohol but I didn’t just stop there. It usually lead to other “party drugs” as many people with addiction experience, you don’t think you have a problem. I would go to work, pay bills etc. The problem was that I was a functioning alcoholic. I had the shakes most days at work until I went out drinking again, I would spend days puking until I was wishing for death. I was thin, sickly and spent my time with the wrong people. This went on for years. I was a very miserable, unhappy, self conscious and angry person. I blamed everyone and everything else for my problems. Nothing ever phased me, not police, not sickness, not fights. Nothing. I thought there was nothing wrong. That all changed in one night.

It was right after Christmas and my friend was throwing this huge party, everyone would be there. I just remember walking in and seeing all the people that I had spent years destroying my life with. Did they actually care about me? Would they stand by me no matter what? I had one drink, I poured another and couldn’t even drink it. These thoughts just kept rushing through me head and I couldn’t take it any more. I poured my drink out and left. I didn’t even say goodbye that I recall. After that night I didn’t touch a drink for two and a half years. In that time I learned to love myself. I learned that there are such things as healthy relationships, friendships and most of all that there is more to life than drinking and drugs.

Fast forward a couple of years. I had just been in a relationship for two years and sober for about two and a half. I was single again, bored and lonely. I was living at home. I needed to find things to fill my time. So I started by turning to the few friends that I still had,my job, my animals and running. I did all of those things a lot. It was almost like I traded one addiction for another, much healthier one. As I got less skinny fat, I felt better, more alive, more happy! I stopped getting headaches, I stopped feeling tired and lazy. I just felt good. I wanted to do and see more. This is exactly what I did. I read and reasearched all kinds of active things but body building was what stood out. I saw this beautiful, muscular woman on Body Building. Com named Ashley Horner. She was so inspiring. I wanted to look like her. So I got my first gym membership and started trying to lift. I asked questions and spent hours trying to learn how to do it right. I was hooked from the moment I began. I eventually phased out my running and became a beast in the gym. From the moment that I started lifting, I gave it my all and it showed. I gained a reputation to being the most intense person in my home gym. When I lifted I was 100 percent focused. This was what I was born to do.
As of current, I am in my first relationship in at least three years. Good things really do come for those who wait. He is my better half. We have an equal drive, similar goals, determination and even personality. We both know when the other one needs a push. We aren’t afraid to give a pep talk when one of us is throwing a fit about dieting or exercise. It is truly an experience having a relationship like ours. Those who lift together stay together. This also goes for any of the amazing, supportive people that I have met along the way. I call them my friends even though I’ve only met them once or some only on social media. There is just something about the support in the body building community. When you workout in your home gym and the regulars high five or give you daps because they can see you making gains or setting PRs. It’s just so awesome!!!
My goals recently are to be the best at everything. I want to do pull ups, I want to do body weight dips, I want to run forever, I want to be better, stronger, faster!! I don’t want to compete but I want to attain the same physique just to say I did it. Over all I would like to be in the 15-18 percent body fat range. At my last weigh in and body fat reading I was 155lbs and at 20% fat. Knowing my drive, when I finally reach my goals I’m going to want more and that I’ll never be done building my body. I’m ok with this. It’ll keep me from being bored for the at least 50 years πŸ˜‰

What I and everyone else should remember Β is that we are human. We get tired, we want to skip workouts, we want to eat pizza, ice cream and drink beer, we want to quit after a bad day. The thing to remember is one skipped workout won’t make all your muscles disappear, nor will one bad meal make you fat. You still must let yourself enjoy life!! The key is to enjoy life in moderation.

From the bottom, taking about one year apart
different poses one year apart, left was a month or so ago
Is this living?

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  1. Hi, Erica! Thanks for signing up to follow my blog and diet, exercise and living past 100. Congrats on your turning your life around and getting not only healthy, but super fit. Keep up the good work! I am enjoying my visit to your little corner of the blogosphere. I am dog people, too.


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